BUSINESS spanish courses

CLi Spanish School designs and delivers tailor-made Spanish courses for Companies, Businesses and Executives with a focus in the Spanish speaking market. 

 Our Business Spanish Courses help to breach a very important communication gap between your company, your business and your Spanish speaking clients, subcontractors, partners.


Our Spanish Business lessons can take place at your company premises or at our premises in Cape Town or Johannesburg.  Spanish lessons can also take place online, with your employees attending the Spanish course through their own laptops, or at your boarding room, using our video-remote platform: an actual Spanish virtual classroom!  


From Engineering, Construction & Renewable Energies Corporations to Import & Export Agencies; from Tourism Agencies, tour operators and tour guides to Hotel Chains and the hospitality industry; from immigration professionals to legal and financial advisors, CLi Spanish School has been designing & delivering Spanish courses to many industries and professionals connected in one way or another to the Spanish speaking world and market. Our Business Spanish courses are tailor-made and adapt the teaching method & content to the business and professional reality of the Company willing to invest resources in individuals learning Spanish. For that matter, we firstly carry out an assessment where we analyse the reality of your business activities in order to create the correct Spanish Learning Context for your reality! Our success is our students’ and clients’ success and satisfaction!  

spanish lessons for the tourism industry in africa

CLi Spanish School has a strong connection with the Tourism Industry in Southern Africa and many companies and professionals have benefited of our Spanish courses & language services. Offering Spanish in the tourism industry becomes a paramount added value.

spanish lessons for african business executives

Many top executives learn Spanish with CLi Spanish School. During office hours, our teachers visit the student’s office or meet online. Sometime on a one-on-one basis, sometimes a small group of 2-4 executives learning to Speak and write in Spanish.

spanish LESSONS for SPANISH SPEAKING companies in africa

Spanish speaking companies have been settling up branches in Africa in several professional areas. In many instances, the goal is to build a solid South African team working on a permanent basis in Africa and capable of conducting business in English and Spanish. 

african companies INTERESTED in spain & latin america

Africa has powerful and creative companies exporting services and goods to Spanish speaking countries. A Company with representatives speaking Spanish is an added value for any company with business interest in the Spanish speaking market.

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