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CLi Spanish School is a renowned Spanish Learning Centre with head quarters in Cape Town. Our Spanish Courses are centred in the communicative aspects of Spanish language and our textbooks, methodology and teaching material uses grammar as a tool to achieve the goal of any Spanish language student: Communicating in Spanish.

CLi Spanish School shares the teaching and learning vision of the Instituto Cervantes and its based on its quality standards. Our Spanish Learning Centre is run by the vision of Eduardo Arques, former Head of Spanish Studies at Wits University and UNISA, a Instituto Cervantes accredited Spanish teacher and examiner, who has been lecturing, teaching and promoting Spanish language and culture in South Africa since 2008. 

CLi Spanish School has an expert and passionate Spanish teaching team that will makes sure our Spanish students learn to think, speak and act in Spanish.

Our mission is our vision: teaching Spanish in Southern Africa according to the Instituto Cervantes standards and making sure that Spanish, the second most spoken and studied language in the world, becomes the most  studied foreign language in South Africa.

learn to communicate in spanish

CLi Spanish School is a Spanish Learning Institution run by Eduardo Arques , former Head of Spanish Studies at Wits University and UNISA, Sworn Translator/Interpreter of the High Court of South Africa and Expert Simultaneous Interpreter, accredited by the South African translators’ Institute. Communication is at the core of all our courses (we learn Spanish to communicate in Spanish, speak in Spanish, feel in Spanish). Our teaching methodology is based on the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the Instituto Cervantes standards.

think in spanish

Our teaching goal is to make sure our students become independent users of Spanish language. For that purpose, we promote a learning system where grammar is a tool to achieve a communicative goal.


speak in spanish

Students learn Spanish because they need to speak and communicate in Spanish when they travel to a Spanish speaking country. Our Spanish courses highlight the goal of every student: speaking Spanish. 

act in spanish

Speaking a language is doing by saying. Making an appointment, complaining at a shop, ordering at a restaurant, asking for information or presenting a business project. Students learn Spanish to perform an action.

How Our Story Started

Eduardo Arques, director of CLi Spanish School, arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, in March 2006. As a young academic, holding a degree in English and Spanish Language and Literature, he started teaching Spanish privately while writing a novel. He fell in love with South Africa and Cape Town, and in 2008 he was appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wits University to become the Head of the Spanish Studies Department at Wits University, a position he held for three active years.

In 2011, after he was appointed was appointed appointed as the Head of the Spanish Studies Department at UNISA. During this period, Eduardo bought a small school located in Gardens, giving birth to the initial project, La Casa-Escuela de Español, a Spanish school that brought the Cervantes Institute Spanish learning philosophy to South Africa. For years, La Casa-Escuela grew its reputation not only as a Spanish school, but as an institution actively promoting Spanish language and culture in Cape Town. More language services were added as soon as Eduardo became a Spanish Sworn Translator of the High Court of South Africa and was Accredited by the South African Translators’ Institute as a Professional Spanish Simultaneous Interpreter.  

Once the project grew in strength, caliber and reputation; once Eduardo was proudly elected as one of the Directors of the Spanish Chamber Commerce in South Africa, it was the time to turn the page and start the ambitious vision that CLinternational represents, and once of its pillars is CLi Spanish School. 

Eduardo and his dedicated team of teachers provide Spanish language courses at all levels preparing our students willing to get internationally accredited to successfully pass the DELE exams. 

In addition to this, Eduardo´s passion in Spanish language, his vast knowledge in teaching and lecturing Spanish and his charisma are the perfect combination for the most delightful, dynamic and productive Spanish learning experience. 


CLi Spanish School learning-by-doing approach makes our learners become effective, proficient and independent Spanish speakers. 


Learn to speak Spanish and become a proficient Spanish speaker. Our Spanish courses help our student to communicate efficiently in Spanish while having fun. CLi Spanish courses help our students to slowly but surely learn to communicate in Spanish (both speaking and writing).  Our Spanish lessons use the current world and everyday situations and affairs for our Spanish students to become effective users of Spanish Language. Our Spanish School is also more than a school and with CLi Spanish School you will enjoy great social and cultural events, you will have access to great exchange opportunities and have first-hand access to the world of Spanish Language.


Why learn spanish

Learning Spanish is opening a door to a Spanish speaking world with 22 countries speaking Spanish as an official language. Spanish is the most studied language at Primary and Secondary Schools levels, as well as at Universities, and it is the preferred foreign language after English at Business & Tourism Schools, as well as Language Schools all over the world. Learning to Speak Spanish allows you to travel and make business with a whole continent and navigate a vast and rich world of history, people, colour, arts and culture. 


Our spanish school

Cli Spanish School is located Cape Town CBD. Our premises at 125 Buitengracht Street enjoy panoramic views of the best of Cape Town. Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia boards to provide dynamism to our Spanish lessons. Our Spanish textbooks and class materials are available digitally and as hardcopy. We have free parking available for our Spanish students coming to class after work and free WiFi for our students. Learning Spanish at our Spanish School is a great and enjoyable experience.    



about CLinternational

CLinternational is a company providing world-class language services. One of our most popular and special sections is our Spanish School, but CLi is more than a Spanish Language School. The company have been providing Sworn Translations for law firms, immigration agencies and individuals for years. Many engineering companies have also benefited from our expert translation services. CLi is also a conference logistics and interpreters service providers, with expert simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.