more than a Spanish school

CLi Spanish School is part of CLinternational,  a company providing not only language courses, but also highly qualified, professional and responsive language and conference services. Sworn translations for immigration companies, law firms and individuals; highly technical translations for engineering, mining & industrial production companies; sworn interpreters for arbitration proceedings between South African and foreign companies; conference simultaneous interpreters; consecutive interpreters for business delegations and high-profile bilateral meetings and press conferences

What is clinternational

CLinternational is a company providing world-class language services. One of our most popular and special sections is our Spanish School, but CLi is more than just a Spanish Language School. The company has been providing Sworn Translations for law firms, immigration agencies and individuals for years. Many engineering companies have also benefited from our expert translation services. CLi is also a conference logistics and interpreters experienced service provider, with expert simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.

spanish school

A trusted Spanish School in South Africa with over a decade of experience teaching Spanish. CLi Spanish School offers a wide variety of Spanish Courses and flexible options. Learn Spanish with CLi Spanish School

language services

Our Language Services department offers professional and efficient Sworn Translations, technical translations, transcriptions, voice-overs. Cli Language Services runs projects for big firms and individuals.


Our Interpreting Department comprises expert and experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreters working for years all over Sub-Saharian Africa. Contact CLi Interpreters for refernces.


Our Conference Logistics Department makes sure that all the technical and logistical aspects concerning interpretation equipment (booths, receivers, mics) are under control and ready.

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CLi Spanish School is a very active learning institution believing in the power of communication. We are a section of our Mother Company, CLinternational (Casa Lejana International Pty Ltd). Member Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa, CLInternational is a company offering a comprehensive list of relevant, expert & international services: 

Sworn Translations; Technical Translations; Accredited Simultaneous / Consecutive / Videoconferencing InterpretersImmigration Services: Immigrate to Spain; Import & Export specialists; Trawling Solutions for the Fishing Industry, Companies Communications Management. 

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Keep in touch with CLinternational by subscribing to our blog and newsletter. Would you like to learn Spanish? Keep up to date with new and upcoming Spanish courses intakes, and know about our social and cultural events and gatherings related to Spanish language and culture. Be part of our community of Spanish learners and enthusiast. Looking for a Sworn Translator? We have great Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch & Italian Sworn Translators. Looking for an Interpreter? Request one of our SATI & AIIC accredited Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Arabic & Chinese Interpreters.