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CLi Spanish School is based in South Africa, with School premises in Cape Town & Johannesburg. 

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced Group Courses

Contact us to discuss our available onsite & online Spanish courses and options suiting your preferences


Do you want to improve your Spanish or begin learning Spanish in the best and most effective way? Enrol in one of our Spanish courses and be part of our community of students learning Spanish.

Are you a beginner? We will help you to become a proficient, efficient Spanish speaker capable of travelling to any Spanish speaking country and communicate with ease. Do you already speak Spanish and you would like a platform where you can really improve your vocabulary, your grammar and your conversational skills? We provide intermediate to advanced options where you will improve your Spanish through engaging and motivating Spanish learning material, guided by expert teachers. 

learn spanish in a group at all levels

Our Spanish group courses and options are available from Monday to Saturday. Our priority is to make sure students share the same level of proficiency in class. Do you already speak Spanish? Contact us for a level assessment in order to advise the best available option.


learning-by-doing methodology

Our teaching goal is to make sure our students become independent users of Spanish language. Grammar is a tool for speakers to speak Spanish, as scales are a tool for musicians to play music. From the very beginning, we want our students to “play” with Spanish!

FLEXIBLE courses and payments

Don’t stress about missing a lesson. Our School runs same level Spanish courses on different days, which students can attend. Our Spanish lessons are also uploaded to a cloud server! Worried about course fees payment? Talk to us. We have several options available.   

EXPERT & passionate spanish TEACHERS

Our Spanish Teaching Team is made out of expert, committed and efficient Spanish speaking teachers who are passionate about teaching Spanish. They  making sure our students learn and enjoy. Our teachers go the extra mile to make sure our students enjoy learning Spanish

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spanish Courses

for Beginners

Start learning Spanish now and get all the necessary basic grammar, structures and vocabulary to function in a Spanish speaking context sorting out your everyday needs. Our beginner stage complies a total of 70-80 hours of learning. The whole beginners stage can be completed within 4 – 8 months, depending on the student enrolling for once a week or twice a week Spanish lessons. Our class material allows students to grow their knowledge organically, getting exposed to functions and routines that will create the necessary self-confidence to start speaking and communicating in Spanish 


spanish Courses for 

Intermediate students

Go beyond the basics and become more sophisticated when speaking Spanish. Our Intermediate Spanish courses are divided in PreIntermediate, Intermediate & Upper-Intermediate courses. At the Preintermediate stage, students start learning to express complex thoughts, getting familiar with the use of past, future & conditional tenses in conversation and expanding vocabulary. Our Intermediate & upper-intermediate Spanish courses provide students with more complex reading / listening material and grammar structures. A quantum step to communicate in Spanish.  


spanish Courses for 

Advanced students

Our Spanish Courses for Advanced Students are a great formal platform for students who have achieved strong conversational Spanish skills to improve in their use of complex sentence structures and expanding their Spanish vocabulary by means of semantic fields activities. Our Advanced Spanish courses is a debate platform where students get used to express complex thoughts and ideas in a formal context. The material includes textbooks strengthening debating skills, as well as advanced reading and audiovisual material. Our advanced Spanish courses are our crowning jewel!