We are a trusted Spanish School in South Africa with over a decade of experience teaching Spanish at different levels and for different purposes. Learning Spanish in South Africa is a reality at CLi Spanish School.

Our Spanish School offers a wide variety of Spanish Courses and flexible options at your disposal. Whether you are a beginner willing to learn Spanish for the first time, or you already speak Spanish, our flexible and varied Spanish courses will meet your goals.

Join CLi Spanish School and choose your Spanish Course and preferred option!

What can CLi Spanish School offer you?

Dynamic lessons

Learning-by-doing methodology and dynamic lessons to enhance your Spanish learning experience.

Flexible courses

We offer an extended variety of Spanish Courses with flexible study options to meet your requirements.


Get our School certification every 50 hours of learning. Get the DELE Offical Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Guaranteed results

Our goal is your success in speaking Spanish. Our expert team will make sure you achieve your learning objectives. 

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Spanish courses for all levels and purposes

Our Spanish School offers a wide range of Spanish courses from beginners to advanced. Do you prefer studying Spanish in a Group? We have different Spanish courses and options from Monday to Saturday. Do you prefer learning Spanish privately? We offer private lessons suiting your time and needs. Our goal is to meet your learning goals.

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Spanish Group Courses, beginners to advanced. Our School runs Spanish Courses from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.   


Private lessons

Learn Spanish 1-on-1 or small groups (families, couples, friends) with flexible times and days. Tailored Spanish lessons to fulfill your needs. 

Online Spanish courses

Study Spanish from home or your office. Our Online Spanish Courses are a dynamic & efficient way to learn Spanish. Try a free Spanish Lesson!  


Spanish Diplomas - DELE

Learn Spanish in our Spanish School. Our students can get certified in Spanish with one of the six Official International Diplomas in Spanish.



business Spanish

Business Spanish Courses. Spanish for business and professional environments. Spanish Courses for Companies and executives. 

Spanish for HIGH SCHOOL

Study Spanish as a Foreign Language as a High School subject. Cambridge IGCSE Spanish. IEB Spanish, Spanish as 2nd Additional Language for NSC.


CLI Spanish School is a very active learning institution believing in the power of communication. We are a section of our Mother Company, CLInternational (Casa Lejana International Pty Ltd). Member Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa, CLInternational is a company offering a comprehensive list of relevant, expert & international services: 

Sworn Translations; Technical Translations; Accredited Simultaneous / Consecutive / Videoconferencing InterpretersImmigration Services: Immigrate to Spain; Import & Export specialists; Trawling Solutions for the Fishing Industry, Companies Communications Management.    

Recent blog posts

Our CLi Spanish School blog and publications are a window to know about news and events around our Spanish School and Spanish in South Africa, Spanish language, Spanish speaking arts & culture, Spanish speaking movies, music, books, Spanish learning tips and recommendations. Sometimes, our posts are made by our own outstanding Spanish students pieces of writing… in Spanish.

Learn Spanish Online During COVID-19 Times

Learn Spanish Online During COVID-19 Times

Learning Spanish online with CLI Spanish School is definitely as effective and gratifying as learning Spanish in our Spanish School in Cape Town (not as beautiful, though, with the magnificent panoramic views we have of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Bo Kaap).

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Spanish – A language of future

Spanish – A language of future

A total of 580 million people speak Spanish in the world, 7.6% of the world’s population. Of these, 483 million – three million more than a year ago – are native Spanish speakers, making Spanish the second most widely spoken language in the world. In addition, Spanish is studied by almost 22 million people in 110 countries. Spanish is the third most widely used language on the Internet, where it has great potential for growth

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Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish is learning to view and understand life with different eyes, the linguistic eyes, that shape the common reality shared by the linguistic community, the agora of life

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Excellent teacher! Classes are fun and interesting and I am finally learning Spanish! Thank you CLi Spanish School!

Lara Samuels

Photographer, Freelance

Great place to learn Spanish. They go the extra mile to help their students. Definitely recommended! 

Jani de Beer

Project Manager, LMI Marketing

Learning Spanish online with CLi has been a great choice. Teacher is excellent and goes out of her way to introduce us to new material, encourage us to speak and improve. Great Spanish School to learn Spanish online!

Daniela Miyeni

Program Manager, Esatur DML