dele - diploma de español

DELE Exam – Diploma in Spanish Language Proficiency.

DELE Diplomas in Spanish Proficiency, from beginner to advanced levels, are the most notorious and internationally recognised accreditations in Spanish Language issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Cervantes Institute. 

why learn spanish with cli spanish school? WHY get internationally accredited?

CLi Spanish School has years of experience successfully preparing students to pass the DELE Spanish exams at its different levels. Our director, Eduardo Arques Esteve, is an accredited DELE exam examiner with many years of experience in preparing students for the DELE exams, and acting as an examiner of the exam itself in several occasions. Our course material is consistently divided in the 6 different DELE exam accreditations, giving our students the opportunity to get accredited in the different DELE exam proficiency levels.


what is the dele certification

The DELE is a prestigious qualification in Spanish Language internationally recognised, invaluable to live and work across the Spanish speaking world. DELE Spanish diploma is highly regarded in the business and academic world, a great addition to any CV, enabling you to develop career prospects in any Spanish speaking country or business dealing with the Spanish speaking world.


how can i get the dele certification

There are six levels of proficiency, as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our Spanish courses are divided according to the Spanish DELE exam diploma levels, adding value to any of our offered Spanish courses. Learn to speak and communicate in Spanish and, each November, get certified by completing the official DELE exam that best suits your level. 


why get the dele exam certification

Why not? Students invest resources and time learning Spanish for different reasons: academic and professional reasons, travelling reasons, relationships, business, or just for the sake of learning and enjoying Spanish language. What if after one semester or two of learning Spanish you could get awarded with the only Diploma in Spanish that is recognised among all the world private and public entities?


cli spanish school dele courses

Learning Spanish with CLi Spanish School. While learning to communicate in Spanish, you will be also preparing for the DELE exam accreditation, as all our Spanish courses material, methodology, approach and framework turns around the DELE diploma. You won’t need much extra work, apart from the usual Spanish lessons and homework. Enjoy learning to speak in Spanish while getting internationally certified.

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