spanish for HIGH school learners

Learn Spanish as an official Syllabus of your High School Study Program.

spanish as additional language for high school learners 

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world and the most studied language at academic and school level after English (in many English speaking countries, such as USA and UK, it is in fact the most studied foreign language at primary, secondary and tertiary level). Spanish is a language of great opportunities, the fastest growing language at professional and academic level. CLI Spanish School has been teaching Spanish to young students studying Spanish as Additional Language (Spanish for IEB or International Examination Board, Spanish for IGCSE Cambridge, Spanish for the National Senior Certificate in South Africa. Our students learn from our premises and through our online platforms. Lessons are dynamic and help our students to become proficient in Spanish and to succeed in their academic goals.  


spanish for ieb learners

CLI Spanish School has prepared students to excel in their IEB Spanish exams for over a decade with an average pass rate of 97%. Many IEB school institutions and students taking Spanish as Additional Language rely in our teaching expertise to achieve the best possible outcome in their Spanish as Additional Language studies. Our students arrive to grade 12 with great writing and speaking skills, prepared to succeed in and get the best final mark. 

spanish for nsc-matric learners

The National Senior Certificate grants students the possibility to register to study Spanish as Additional Language instead of another foreign language and, in the case of expats, instead of Afrikaans. CLI Spanish School prepares students from many South African schools to succeed in their Spanish as 2nd Additional Language exams and achieve the best marks in their final Matric exams. Many of our students are always in the Top 3 of best Matric Spanish marks. 

spanish for igcse cambridge

CLI Spanish School is an institution with lost of experience preparing students for the Cambridge Spanish exams (IGCSE, AS and A levels). Our director, Eduardo Arques, has acted as an official examiner and moderator of the IGCSE-CAMBRIDGE Spanish oral exam in many occasions, an experience and expertise that gives our Spanish courses the necessary credibility and the assurance that our students will be excellently prepared. 

learn spanish and get certified

If you are not following the IGCSE-Cambridge or you are not studying Spanish as 2nd Additional Language as part of your IEB or National Senior Certificate Study Program, but you still would like to study Spanish and get certified, why not? Studying Spanish is not only fun, if you are in the right place, but also a great opportunity to learn to communicate in the 2nd most spoken and studied language in the world, and fastest growing!


Find out more about studying IGCSE-Cambrige  Spanish with CLI Spanish School!


Find out more about studying Spanish as 2nd Additional Language as part of your IEB – NSC Study program with CLI Spanish School!